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Duration: 9-24 hour(s)

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Muay Thai Live 

Type: Show & Performances

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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Muay Thai Live illustrates the exquisite combat art of Thai boxing, as an enthralling stage show that promises the most spectacular and one-of-a-kind experience – one that brings audiences closer to the truest art form of Thai boxing show. Muay Thai Live takes you back in time to experience the legend of Thai boxing from its history and its development, to become an art that protects the nation. The show simulates the real-life boxing ring which captures the original ambiance, and walks the audiences through different times of Thai boxing from its ancient time, the original form of Thai boxing to its imaginative version that has stood the test of time. Experience the original spirit of Thai boxing and enjoy a powerful, exquisite art performance under the production of Thailand’s top talents in Muay Thai.

MEET THE HEROES  Discover the history behind the show in five spectacular acts.


Dating back to the early time of Ayudhaya period, a mysterious man appears among the lively crowd at a local fair bustled with festive activities such as performances, ancient dances and traditional games. The situation comes to a twist that leads to a duel between the mysterious man and the village’s top three fighters with three different fighting skills. Who is this mysterious man? Why is his fight different from others?

The first act is inspired by the legend of “Tiger King” (Phrachao Seu), the 30th King of the Ayudhaya period who was greatly fond of Thai boxing and hailed as the King of Thai boxing.


The sound of cannon balls and the smoke from the fire that set Ayudhaya ablaze still fill the air. A number of Thai warriors are taken hostage by the enemy. Among the hostages is a renowned warrior who is known for his superior boxing skill and swift move as if he had eight limbs. To prove his unmatchable skill, the man is released in order to join a duel with fighters who are best known for their ruthlessness and savage fights with the use of ancient weapons such as a giant axe, a lance, a club and a dagger. Will the hero-turned-hostage be able to subdue these enemies?

The second act is based on the legend of Nai Khanom Tom, Thai warrior whose boxing skill is unmatchable. A monument was erected in Ayutthaya to honor his mastery in Thai boxing.


With the collapse of Ayudhaya, Thai people are dispersed and scattered. The enemy keeps its offensive move with the hope to take other cities of Siam into its custody. At one of the most aggressive battles in the history, a warrior who fights with both swords in his hands leads the army of soldiers to defend the city.
At the climax, one of his swords is broken by the attack of the enemy. Despite the broken sword, the warrior fights on using different parts of his body as a shield and a weapon until a turn-of-the-event incident happens in the middle of the battle. What will happen to the broken-sword warrior? What does the man gain from such loss?


In this act, the cast illustrate some of the most dangerous techniques of the Ancient art of Muay Thai. Many of which have not been performed in more than a century because they are considered too dangerous as a sport.  Our well-trained fighters demonstrate 8 positions in this part of the show. These moves should not be imitated at home for your own safety.

No matter how long it has passed and whichever format Thai boxing has been presented and gone through; three things about Thai boxing that never change: respect for teachers and ancestors, sacrifice for family, and honor the country’s dignity.


When the son of a police chief sees the girl he loves kidnapped by thugs seeking revenge for his father’s actions in service of the law, our action hero has no other choice but to bring his other passion in life, Muay Thai, to the rescue. Such is the beginning for the man who has to turn his fascination in Thai boxing into a weapon to rescue the love of his life. Will the action hero succeed?

The fight in this act is intensified and made more rigorous with the combination of stunt techniques and other martial arts such as parkour, free-running and tricking.



 Open time 

  • Show time is at 8:00 pm. on Tuesday ~ Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

  • The Theatre door opens 30 minutes before show time. Late arrival guests are requested to attend the show after break otherwise a suitable seat will be assigned.




  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Children rates apply to those either between the age of 4-12 years or less than 140 cm. in height (proof may be required). Children under 4 years of age or less than 90 cm. in height see the show free of charge, sharing the seat with an adult.

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Address: 2194  Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok, Thailand

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