Songserm Ferries & Bus - Bangkok, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phangan, Samui, Tao

Type: Cruises Ticket

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Start From: Bangkok, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phangan, Samui, Tao

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Duration: 9-24 hours

Experience : Songserm Ferries

Songserm Ferries & Bus - Bangkok, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phangan, Samui, Tao : Easy way to visit The beautiful Southern of Thailand area including Suratthani - Krabi - Phi Phi - Khao Sok - Koh Samui - Koh Phangan from Bangkok (Khao San Road) by Songserm Ferries, The company are specializes in ferry as well as bus transport known as Joint Ticket. 


Open Time

  • Every days

  • Songserm Ferries & Bus time scheduled based on your choice type ticket


Information Songserm Ferries

  • Child tickets for children between 80-130 in heights

  • Child under 80cm in heights shall be a free boat and car. *In case of bus seat is required for a child, please buy the child ticket


Songserm Ferries & Bus - Bangkok, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phangan, Samui, Tao (Route & Time Scheduled)

From Bangkok *Check in at counter ticket (Khao San Road)

Bangkok  > Chumphon > Koh Tao *(Dept time: 18:00,20:00/Arr time: 09:45+1)

Bangkok > Chumphon > Koh Phangan *(Dept time: 18:00/Arr time: 12:15+1)

Bangkok > Chumphon > Koh Samui *(Dept time: 18:00/Arr time: 11:20+1)

Bangkok > Suratthani > Krabi *(Dept time: 18:00/Arr time: 08:30+1)

Bangkok > Suratthani > Krabi > Ao Nang Beach *(Dept time: 18:00/Arr time: 10:00+1)

Bangkok > Suratthani > Krabi > Railay Beach *(Dept time: 18:00/Arr time: 10:30+1)

Bangkok > Suratthani > Krabi > Koh Phi Phi *(Dept time: 18:00/Arr time: 10:30+1)

Bangkok > Suratthani > Krabi > Khao Sok *(Dept time: 18:00/Arr time: 10:00+1)



Start from Krabi : *Pick up at your hotel in Krabi Town, Aonang Beach.

Krabi > Koh Phi Phi *(Dept time: 09:30, 13:30/Arr time: 10:30,15:00)

Krabi > Suratthai > Bangkok(Khao San Road) *(Dept time: 17:30/Arr time: 05:00+1)

*Note: Please write your hotel name & address in Notes / Additional Requests (Box) on summary page detial before your confirm booking. Once your booked is Paid we will send confirm voucher and all detail to you by mail within 24 hrs.



Start from Koh Phi Phi : *Check in at counter ticket (Tonsai Pier)

Koh Phi Phi > Krabi *(Dept time: 10:30, 15:30/Arr time: 12:00,17:00) #Note: Includes drop-off at hotel in Krabi twon, Aonang beach

Koh Phi Phi > Suratthani > Koh Phangan *(Dept time: 10:30/Arr time: 18:15)

Koh Phi Phi > Suratthani > Koh Samui *(Dept time: 10:30/Arr time: 17:20)

Koh Phi Phi > Suratthani > Bangkok(Khao San Road) *(Dept time: 15:30/Arr time: 05:00+1)



Start from Koh Phagan : *Check in at counter ticket (Thongsala Pier)

Koh Phagan > Koh Tao *(Dept time: 12:30/Arr time: 14:30)

Koh Phagan > Koh Samui *(Dept time: 07:00, 12:30/Arr time: 07:45, 13:15)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani Town *(Dept time: 07:00, 12:30/Arr time: 11:00, 17:00)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani Airport *(Dept time: 07:00, 12:30/Arr time: 12:30, 18:00)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani > Khao Sok *(Dept time: 07:00, 12:30/Arr time: 13:30, 19:30)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani > Krabi *(Dept time: 07:00, 12:30/Arr time: 12:30, 18:30)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani > Krabi > Aonang Beach *(Dept time: 07:00, 12:30/Arr time: 13:00, 19:00)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani > Krabi > Railay Beach *(Dept time: 07:00/Arr time: 13:30)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani > Koh Phi Phi *(Dept time: 07:00/Arr time: 15:00)

Koh Phagan > Suratthani > Bangkok(Khao San Road) *(Dept time: 12:30/Arr time: 05:00+1)



Start from Koh Tao : *Check in at counter ticket (Mae Haad Pier)

Koh Tao > Koh Phangan *(Dept time: 10:00/Arr time: 12:00)

Koh Tao > Koh Samui *(Dept time: 10:00/Arr time: 13:15)

Koh Tao > Suratthani Town *(Dept time: 10:00/Arr time: 17:00)

Koh Tao > Suratthani Airport *(Dept time: 10:00/Arr time: 18:00)

Koh Tao > Suratthani > Krabi *(Dept time: 10:00/Arr time: 18:30)

Koh Tao > Chumphon > Bangkok *(Dept time: 14:30/Arr time: 05:00+1)



Start from Koh Samui: *Check in at counter ticket (Nathon Pier)

Koh Samui > Koh Phangan *(Dept time: 11:30, 17:30/Arr time: 12:15, 18:15)

Koh Samui > Koh Tao *(Dept time: 11:30/Arr time: 14:30)

Koh Samui > Suratthani Town *(Dept time: 08:00, 13:30/Arr time: 11:00, 17:30)

Koh Samui > Suratthani Airport *(Dept time: 08:00, 13:30/Arr time: 12:00, 18:00)

Koh Samui > Suratthani > Khao Sok *(Dept time: 08:00, 13:30/Arr time: 13:30, 19:30)

Koh Samui > Suratthani > Krabi *(Dept time: 08:00, 13:30/Arr time: 12:30, 18:30)

Koh Samui > Suratthani > Aonang Beach *(Dept time: 08:00, 13:30/Arr time: 13:00, 19:00)

Koh Samui > Suratthani > Railay Beach *(Dept time: 08:00/Arr time: 13:30)

Koh Samui > Suratthani > Koh Phi Phi *(Dept time: 08:00/Arr time: 15:30)

Koh Samui > Suratthani > Bangkok *(Dept time: 13:30/Arr time: 05:00+1)


Credit vdo by: Songserm Ferries

Ticket & Voucher

  • Print voucher or show e-voucher on your mobile phone at counter ticket also present a valid photo ID/passport along with the voucher number to exchagne ticket

  • The voucher is valid only on the date and time specified

  • E-ticket is non-transferable, non-refundable and void if altered

  • E-ticket is valid for one-time for use

  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, Please check your Junk Mail if you use Gmail email. Please check the "Promotions" or "Updates" tab. or notify us via email

Package Songserm Ferries

Based on your choice type ticket

  • Songserm Ferries Ticket

  • Land Transfer Ticket ( Van or Bus besed on route )

  • Luggage weight (maximum 20 kg per person)

Meeting Point

Voucher Exchange Counter

Please go to the designated below and exchange physical ticket by presenting your e-voucher with verification code

Songserm Ferries Office 

  • Khaosan Rd. 172 Khaosan road. Taladyod,Pranakorn Bangkok 10200

  • Koh Samui (Nathon Pier) Nathon Pier, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84140,Thailand

  • Koh Phangan (Thongsala Pier) Koh Phangan, Songserm 44/35 Moo.1, Ko Pha-ngan, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

  • Koh Tao (Songserm Pier Mae Haad) Songserm Pier, Mae haad, Koh Tao, Surat Thani 84280,Thailand

  • Surat Thani (Donsak) Leam Tuad Pier, Amphoe Donsak, Suratthani, 84220 Thailand


  • E-voucher will send to your by email 24 hrs after your payment and status invoice show paid

  • Please provide guests name same as passport for show in e-voucher on time you exchange ticket

  • Due to in case of not good weather, Windy of the sea for safety cruise maybe delayed from the scheduled or can not sail we will change date to you follow from operator

  • Please booking in advance

Cancellation Policy

  • Once confirmed ticket are Non-refundable.

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